September 10, 2008

On The Road Again...

Can you believe it? It's that time again...we are on the road again to meet you! We are so excited to be traveling across the west in the hopes of meeting as many of you as we can. So let's introduce ourselves shall we! Let's meet our 2008-2009 Utah State University Recruiters!

Katie Jo Nielsen
Associate Director of Recruitment
If you live here in Cache Valley, you are going to see a lot of Katie Jo! She will be your go-to person throughout the year so get to know her! For starters she is from South Jordan, Utah and an extremely proud alumni of Bingham High School- Go Miners! She graduated with her bachelors from USU in Psychology, and just graduated with a masters in School Counseling. Katie Jo absolutely loves Utah State University and excited to work with you this year!!

Kate Gildea
Recruitment Specialist
If you are a student living in Davis County, the Salt Lake Valley or Utah County you will be working with Kate this year. Kate is originally from Orem, Utah and yes a very proud T-wolf! She graduated from Utah State with my Bachelors Degree in Public Relations and Sociology. She believes that USU is the best place in the state to pursue your college experience and can't wait to see you on the high school tour!

Cynthia Arocha
Multicultural Recruitment Specialist
Get excited to work with Cynthia, she is the newest addition to the recruitment staff at USU coming all the way from Texas ya'll. She can't wait to get out there and work with students in the Ogden Area and everyone south of Provo! Cynthia just started in the recruitment office, making the move from Multicultural Student Services where she was an advisor so this girl knows her stuff. If you have questions, Cynthia is here for you!

Craig Whyte
Out of State Recruitment Specialist
Hello out of staters! Go ahead and meet Craig, your go to guy! Craig is originally from Blackfoot, Idaho (Go Snake River!) and earned both his Bachelors and Masters of Business Administration at Utah State University. Craig will be working with out of state students with admissions and scholarships as well as the Western Undergraduate Exchange. If you are wondering what's its like to be a student coming to Utah for school, don't hesitate to shoot Craig an email or phone call!

Tad Sorensen
ID and WY Recruitment Specialist
Even though you are still considered out of state I will be working with Idaho and Wyoming students this year! So, meet Tad a very proud Loganite and Skyview Bobcat who has bled Aggie Blue since the day he was born. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and spent sixteen years working with youth programs before joining the admissions and recruiting crew. Tad will be working with students in Idaho and Wyoming within a 100 mile radius of campus. Questions? Give him a call!

Tanner Deaton
Transfer Recruitment Specialist
Attention all transfers! Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you! Meet Tanner Deaton, your go to guy. He is originally from good ol' Price, UT where you got his feet wet at College of Eastern UT before he made the transfer to Utah State. He knows exactly what you are going through, and can't wait to help you make the best decision of your life...transferring to Utah State University. If you see him on you college campus, don't forget to swing by and say hello!

Carrie Milligan
Program Coordinator
Hello! When you come to any event put on by the Admissions Office you have Carrie to thank. Carrie is a very proud Weber Warrior who comes to us from North Ogden, UT. She has been putting on events for various organizations for over 10 years and has been with the Admissions Office for 2 years now! If you plan on coming to Admitted Student Day, Scholars Day, A USU Open House or a Campus Tour please make sure to stop and say hello!

Corey Mikkelsen
Alumni Recruiter Specialist
As an Alumni of Utah State you will know the best students who fit the USU profile, so let Corey know! Corey is also a home grown Cache Valley kind of guy, and of course a very proud Skyview Bobcat! He graduated from Utah State University and has been working for USU for the last year. If you know a student that would make a great future Aggie let Corey know!

Katie Ashcroft
Recruitment Specialist
You won't see this Katie out on the road, but if you come to either Aggie Leadership Extravaganza or Ultimate Aggie Experience you will have plenty of time to get to know Katie Ashcroft. Katie is originally from Kearns UT (Go Cougars!) and graduated from Utah State with her degree in Public Relations and has been working for Utah State for 5 years!

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