July 21, 2011

USU Bookstore: No Border To What It Can Do

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By its name, obviously the USU Bookstore provides all the books necessary for student coursework. Though textbooks are just one of the products it provides. From Aggie apparel to computers and school supplies, if you need it, chances are the Bookstore can get it for you.

Here are just a few of the new products and promotions available to students, alumni, and fans alike.

July 13, 2011

USU is a Princeton Review “Green College”

For two consecutive years Utah State University has been named a Princeton Review “Green College.” Ranked in the top 80th percentile of more than 700 schools surveyed, the university wears her green badge with pride.

But what does “going green” even mean? Besides the fact that Utah State has more green space than any other college or university in the state, it’s all about critical thinking, which means always challenging conventional ways of doing things. From the preservation of natural environments to new innovations reducing energy consumption, USU is a major player in the sustainability movement.

July 11, 2011

The "A" Gets a Facelift

If you've walked past the "A" recently, you may have noticed that it rests on the sidewalk, a few feet from where it normally sits. But don't worry, this is just the first incision of some landscape plastic surgery. The 2011 senior class wanted to leave its mark by beautifying the area that has held so many True Aggie Nights

Graduating seniors donated over $5,000 to refurbish the area surrounding the most recognizable icon at Utah State. The "A" will now sit on a concrete pad, which will stop it from sinking into the soft dirt near the quad. Also, five feet of paver bricks will surround the "A", keeping the area from turning into mud during Homecoming, A-Day and other True Aggie Nights

“It is our responsibility, as Aggies, to give back to this University," said Tessa Goodall 2011 senior gift chair. "The Senior gift can be our way to show gratitude for the experience USU has provided us.”

For more information about donations contact Elizabeth Bare,     elizabeth.bare@usu.edu, 435-797-0863.