April 1, 2009

Post A-Day and Scholar's Day "Celebration"

After surviving... Scholars Day and A-Day our office decided to celebrate with a good old fashioned eating challenge. Currently the Wingers in Logan is having $10 all-you-can-eat sticky fingers. So...what else were we supposed to do but bring them some competitors. What do they win you ask? Name on the board in the front and bragging rights (most importantly).The competitors:

Corey Mikkelsen, our Alumni Recruiter- previous accomplishments include eating his height in subway sandwiches. Impressed?

Trent Hunsaker, our Marketing Professional- previous accomplishments include eating so much on Superbowl Sunday that he had to have his head propped up with pillows to see over his stomach. Impressed?

Scott Klein, a USU Ambassador- AKA "The Rookie" has previously competey in contests ranging from eating 37 pieces of pizza in an hour and eating 12 Del Taco taco's in 10 minutes? Impressed?

As you can see, they came to win it. But most importantly, we needed their names to be the on the board, at spots 1-3. Just like a true competitor, they came with several creative tactics such as: drowning the sticky finger in ranch, dunking in water (takes down the temperature of the chicken) baby bites (mostly towards the end) and sipping soda (just to name a few). Right out of the gate, things were going well. It was pretty impressive, however after 20 or so... they didn't look quite so happy to be there. There were meat sweats, pants undone and laying down in the booth. Yet they ate through the pain., like we mention. They were in it....to win it. And that they did...
Board now reads:
1. Trent Hunsaker- 30
2.Scott Klein- 28
3. Corey Mikkelsen- 24.54.
Congratulations boys- you made us proud!
(fantastic photo's courtesy of Katie Jo Nielsen)

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