November 16, 2009

How important is the ACT/SAT?

In our travels as admissions counselors, there is one point that we try to get across to students: The ACT/SAT are very important! These tests will help determine not only what scholarship a student may receive, but also if a student may gain entry into the university of their choice.

For admission into Utah State University in good standing, a student must have a minimum of an 18 ACT score or 860 SAT score (CR+M). As our academic scholarships are based off of an admissions index, depending on a student's GPA, scholarships can be awarded to ACT scores starting at 22+.

The priority dead line for scholarships is December 1st. Students who apply before this date, and meet scholarship parameters, are guaranteed their respective scholarship. For students who wish to take the ACT again in the hopes of meriting a scholarship, Utah State University offers a residual ACT on the main campus in Logan, Ut. The results of this test are giving the same day as it was taken and can be immediately applied for scholarship.

If you are interested in taking the residual ACT please contact the testing center at 435-797-1004. For those of you who will be applying for ACT or SAT, plan on taking the test more than once. As is with any standardized test, the ACT/SAT have their own personalities, once a student can figure out the personality of the test, he or she can then show off their own knowledge.

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