January 11, 2010

Did I Miss the Deadline?

Applying for admission to colleges and universities can be very stressful. There are several dates and important deadlines that applicants mustn't miss. It can get particularly tricky for students applying to several institutions. Here are a few important dates/deadlines at USU:

Admission Deadline (Fall Semester): April 1st
  • Incoming freshmen need to have completed everything on the application checklist by
    this date if they plan on attending Fall Semester of 2010.
Scholarship Deadlines: -Priority December 1st, -Final Deadline February 1st
  • Academic scholarships at USU are based off of an Admissions Index for both Resident and Nonresident students. Students who meet the parameters according to the index, and apply for admission to the University before the Priority Deadline, will be guaranteed their earned scholarship.
  • Awarding of academic scholarships for those who apply after the Priority Deadline will be based on available funding.
  • Academic scholarships will not be awarded to students who apply after the Final Dead Line.
These are some basic deadlines that students should keep in mind. Other deadlines to track include those of Financial Aid and Freshmen Orientation. Most importantly, check your email! Most departments will let students know of upcoming deadlines via email. By checking his or her email regularly, a student can almost always be well informed of important dates on the horizon.


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