July 26, 2010

When should I start thinking about college?

One of the many questions we receive in the Admissions office at USU is when should a prospective student start thinking about college.  Our answer to this is NOW!  It’s never too soon for a student to begin the process of researching their future at a college or university.

A common misconception for many prospective students, is that the college selection process starts sometime in their senior year of high school.  While it’s never too late for a student to begin his or her higher education journey, those who begin early have an advantage.   Scholarships usually follow parameters that vary little from year to year.  If a student is aware of what is required for a scholarship well in advance (even two and three years before they apply for admissions), then there is time to prepare for those parameters.  This pertains to students who wish to apply for both academic and involvement scholarships. 

Students, who also start looking at college and universities early, can easily eliminate schools that they aren’t interested in and spend time doing their homework on institutions that interest them.  This added time will allow them to visit campuses, research academic programs, and taste the social life of specific schools.

It’s never too late!  If you are a 10th grader still figuring out high school, or a 12th grader suffering from senioritis, get in contact with the schools that interest you, and we’ll be here to help you decide what’s best for you.

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